VIDANGES 56 prolongs the life of your pit


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  Our services :


-   Selective emptying of all water pits

-   Septic tanks, watertight pits

-   Cleaning grease trays

-   Flushing (unblocking) of pipes

-   Camera, pit location

-   Replacement of pozzolana, supply of extensions or lids, etc ...




VIDANGES 56 adheres to the sanitation quality charter




And allows us to improve the quality of our services.

Need a professional to bring your non-collective sanitation system up to standard ?  





Upgrade to non-collective sanitation - ANC



Company approved by the State.

(See the list of approved companies on the website of the prefecture).


Did you know ?

Poor maintenance of your non-collective sanitation system clogs your pit and gradually clogs the drains. Wastewater continues to drain but is no longer treated. Pollution disperses directly into the environment !


To avoid polluting and having to replace your non-collective sanitation installation at an early stage, we advise you to follow the advice given by the SPANC (Public sanitation service) of the country of Locminé : Guide of maintenance of your sanitation system.


Benefit from a more economical, more ecological service and complies with the regulations..

The collected waste materials are treated in our treatment station.


For each intervention, VIDANGES 56 provides you with a work order to present to SPANC during these checks.

More than 100 professionals, 20 communities and 2000 individuals

trust us !

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